Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun dog game!

One of our favorite games
Not a winter game!

There are so many fun things to do when the weather is nice out like it was today.  Unfortunately over the past couple of days we have skipped our daily walks because of Fia's seizures.  We were committed to going to Barks in the Park today in Gardiner but never made it.  Tyson and Kara were ready to go but I didn't want to leave Fia behind, and worried that she might have a seizure if we brought her to the Park. 

So we stayed home again.  Tyson and Kara really needed to burn some energy so we all spent the afternoon on the deck.  And we played one of our favorite games "Bobbing for Toys"!  If you are wondering what we mean here are a few things you will need:

1 Kiddie pool
3-4 Balls or toys that float.  Preferably tennis balls (more dogs add more toys!)
And Dogs!

All you have to do is fill the pool up and toss the toys in the pool and watch the dogs take care of the rest.  This is a fun game that keeps the arousal level down.  Even dogs that normally wouldn't chase the ball will play this game. 

It's a great way to get the dogs worn out and keep them cool at the same time!  Even though water is involved, we do recommend on very hot days to play this game and all others in the late afternoon or early evening to avoid heat stroke.  Heat stroke is very serious and is preventable.  During those very hot days it is best to keep your dogs indoors where it is cool.  

Happy dipping!!!  Enjoy our videos!

Summer time fun games
Summer time fun games 2

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainy days!

It's been raining all day in Maine today.  The dogs are snuggled together wondering when will it ever stop.   Not that either of them want to go romping and stomping in the rain.  But they are definitely missing out on their daily walk.

So what will we do?  On rainy days we like to do the usual stuff, from naps to chasing balls through the kitchen into the living room.  Tyson thinks he's made of paper, but at least the ladies are willing to make a quick trip outside in the rain.

So what things can we do while we enjoy this weather from indoors? 

Well it's definitely a great time to spiff up on our training skills.  We practice everything from Sit and stay to touch and watch me.

One of my favorite games is hide and seek.  If you've never played this with your dogs it's a real easy and fun game.  And it is a great game that helps improve recall, because your dog learns to always be looking for you!  All you have to do is start easy, hide in a place where your dog can see and hear you first.  When your dog finds you make a big deal about it and then give him/her a treat.  Then do it all over again, each time making it harder and harder for your dog to see you.  So that each time he/she has to use her nose and ears to find you! 

Another fun indoor game we like to play is find the treat!  This is a great game to teach your dog how to use his/her nose!  We pick a room, fill a few water bottles I've already poked holes in and place them in inconspicuous spots. Then I tell the dogs to find the treat!  Always fun and rewarding!

There are 101 things to do with your dogs indoors on a rainy day!  The key is to make sure you are always having fun!